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About Me

Hi there and thanks for checking out my blog. I have been called many names, from daddy to hey you – get out of my parking space, but the one moniker that fits the best is “fanatic.” You see, when I get involved in something, I am deeply, passionately, “over the moon” INVOLVED – I become a “fanatic” of sorts. Kinda like sports, or golf, which I both love dearly, and yes, I know golf is a sport. I was talking about watching sports!! But my real fanatic passion is “HEALTH!!” Being a Chiropractor since 1981 (33 years as of this writing), I have had the pleasure of serving tens of thousands of people and helping them on their way to becoming healthy. There is no greater joy (except to hear my 3 girls say “I love you” and watch them grow as individuals) than to be the conduit that connects people to their true Health Potential! This blog will be dedicated to exactly that. Sharing great health stories, sharing truths that sometimes people don’t want to hear, and being a resource so others can nibble on or gulp down all I have learned in the health profession for over 3 decades. And let me tell you, I have learned a lot!!  

Let me know what you want to hear, things you want to know, and I promise I will give my all to this blog. In fact, I will make it “Fanatically Outrageous!!

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