Stop Drugging Our Children

pills-AFP I have to admit I am getting to the boiling point when it comes to the health of our children in the United States. It is starting to feel like they are one gigantic test tube for the “powers that be”, with little respect for their future and the future of our world. These toddlers are being given drugs by the truckload, all in the name of science. ADD and ADHD have become buzzwords in the pharmaceutical industry all while generating billions upon billions of dollars for said manufacturers. If I’m beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist, so be it. It’s just that I’ve reached the point of uncertain return when $$$’s trump lives in my country… or around the globe!!  When are we going to stop drugging our children??

Currently, it is estimated the 1 in every 10 American children are being diagnosed with ADHD, which is astronomically high when it comes to this type of diagnosis. Who is giving the diagnosis? Is it the school nurse, the teacher, the pediatrician or the parent? Are other issues taken into consideration when it comes to labeling a child or toddler ADHD? What is their diet like? Are they living on fast food, sugars, chemically enhanced snacks and sodas? Is their emotional state stable? Are they a product of abusive parents, or do they come from a household that is boiling over with stress and anger? Are they bored in school…and acting out because the school system teaches to the mid range children? Have these kids had a physical trauma that caused their Nervous Systems to be out of balance, causing irrational behavior or hyper sympathetic syndrome? I can go on and on asking questions about lifestyle, environment etc., but bottom line, Houston – we have a problem!! Drugging our children is way out of control…to the point where we are administering medication to toddlers for ADHD, and they are not even old enough to be in the age group to be diagnosed for this condition!! Breitbart has a great story on this…Click here to read the full story. After the latest shooting at University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), my first thought was “Is the shooter on, or has he been on Psychotropic Drugs like Ritalin or it’s counterparts?”  If you have done your reading, most all if not all of the kids who went on shooting sprees in our schools were kids who were Dx with either ADD or ADHD. Some of the major side effects of the drugs they are given are 1) Hallucinations 2) Panic 3) Psychosis and 4) Depression, to name only a few. Check out all the side effects here Bottom line: If we want our kids to grow up and take care of our planet, we have to start taking care of them. Drugging them, masking their problems and treating them like science experiments is no way to ensure their future or ours. Let’s get to the cause of what is happening, and stop treating the symptom. This only leads to more problems down the road…ones we don’t want to face!! What are your thoughts about the drugging of our children?  I’m interested in reading them!!

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