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When 1+1=3

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cancer-cellsWith so much information available to the modern consumer, the dilemma becomes “who can you believe these days?”  So many rush to google, Web MD, and the plethora of web sites and books that come off as being the holy grail to health and science.  Even my blog starts to become the “answer” for many…and truth be told, all I want for everyone to do is THINK!!  So much of what we know today is self evident, and we know when something sounds fishy.  The reason for my title, When 1+1=3, simply states in this day and age that a lot of the time, things just don’t add up.  Let me give you a few examples.  In my office, we take care of a wide range of individuals….from new born infants to octogenarians.

This past Friday, I had a long term patient tell me he just got diagnosed with stage four Pancreatic Cancer.  Another patient and dear friend just started chemotherapy for breast cancer.  These 2 have been in the past 2 weeks…where throughout my 33 years in practice, I can’t count the number of people who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Here comes the question.  Ready?  Here it is… The one everyone asks-  “Hey Dr. Ron, how can the chemotherapy get me healthy when it is going to poison my entire body?”  Yup, this is one of the most asked questions I recieve from those newly diagnosed patients.  What I love about the question is THEY ARE THINKING!!  Rational thoughts and deduction tell us one thing…and the status quo tells us another.   There are so many great places to get objective information on cancer these days its crazy.  From to, the list is endless on information that is available.  Bottom line, do your research and make the logical, most thought out decision that rings true for you.  One might ask, “What does a Chiropractor do for cancer and why do your patients with cancer continue to see you??”  The answer is quite simple.  Chiropractors work with the Nervous System, which has the job of controlling and running every system within your body, including the immune system.

When conventional (and non-conventional) cancer treatments are being used, the primary job for Chiropractors to do is keep the Nervous System functioning at it’s optimal level.  By doing this, no matter what the patients cancer treatment is, the body with cancer will have a greater chance of healing because its Nervous System is communicating at a high level.  Simple but powerful…and makes so much sense.  I always ask, “Who wouldn’t want their Master Control System (Nervous System) functioning at it’s highest level, no matter what the condition is or isn’t?”  The 1+1=3 equation can be used for weight loss, pediatrics, ear infections, etc., etc..  Keep doing your research, keep learning and keep questioning the authorities.  The Latin word Doctor means Teacher…and make us teach you what you want to learn.  Never succumb to a higher degree, or feel embarrassed to ask what’s on your mind.  It’s your right as a consumer, patient, and person to take responsibility for your own health, and by doing so, ask for everything you want to know.

Speaking about Cancer, check out what Johns Hopkins University supposedly said about Cancer and conventional therapies.  The respected University did not author the article, but I certainly feel many of the points make great sense.

Click here to read the article and tell me what you think.

I welcome your thoughts, questions, and comments.  Remember, we are all in this together, so let’s share our knowledge, spread our love, and live our lives to the fullest!!

Dr. Ron

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Where Are All The Sheeple Going?

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With so many crazy events happening in our world everyday, have you ever just wanted to scream “What is going on here?”  Airplane disappears for a month and with all the sophisticated technology available, no one can find it!!  Pharmaceutical companies being sued, losing billions of dollars, and nobody’s up in arms…yeah yeah yeah, it’s just another thing!!  Kids overweight, obese, and pre-diabetic and nobody screaming “What’s happening to our future!!”  Big business destroying our planet, destroying our water, while most people have no idea it’s happening!!  And I ask you, “Where are all the Sheeple going?”  By sheeple, I mean those that just go with the flow and never ask any questions, never question authority and move in any direction as long as the rest of the sheep are moving the same way.

Sometimes I think we are living in a motion picture, you know, the one where zombies occupy the planet and look like the living dead.  Yes, I just want to scream!!  Yesterdays breakthroughs are today’s nightmares.  New and improved, stronger and better, all the advertising buzz words so people will continue down the same road…and things just never change.  Now, so far this blog may sound pessimistic, but there is a reason for this tone.  Simple put, it’s time for us to WAKE UP!!  Wake up and start taking responsibility for our health…and don’t wait for ObamaScare to take care of us.  Wake up to the environmental  problems we are causing by destroying our planet.  Water supplies being contaminated, temperature changes out of control and air quality diminishing.  There’s no conspiracy theory here.  If that is the thought, look and see if you have a wool coat on (aka sheeple).

I always love it when people say “C’mon, it’s not like that.  This is how it is”, and then when asked where their validation is for their point of view, they say “awe, it’s just the way it is.”  Baaaaaaah!!  I believe we all have the right to believe whatever we want.  But if we run around claiming factual information without the facts, keep your beliefs to yourself.  I was laughed at 26 years ago when I had all the mercury fillings taken out of my mouth.  Two dentists laughed in my face after telling them what I did, and said I was totally scammed.  10 years later, it was hard to find a dentist that carries the mercury fillings, let alone it being an occupational hazard to have in dentists’ offices.  All I’m saying is it’s Time to Wake Up and start looking at issues from all different angles.  And that goes for everyone, no matter what side of the triangle you are on.

Here’s a video of David Letterman sharing some pretty harsh words about our environment which I know got people thinking differently.  Let me know your thoughts, your rants, and maybe, just maybe your personal views!!

In life and health,

Dr. Ron

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The Power of Voice

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Today, while on a conference call, I had this thought about the power of voice. What I mean by “power of voice” is simple: when one is listening to another without seeing each other, all the power in the communication is within the voice. Watch a movie or t.v. show, do you look at the peoples’ mouth when they speak? Of course not, because you are too busy looking at facial expressions or postural movements. But when you talk with someone on the phone or over the Internet without being able to see them, all you have is their voice. And this can be a real positive experience!!  Voice is one of the most powerful tools we as humans have. Whether it’s for advocacy, teaching, or just plain fun, without voice it would be much more difficult to get your intended message across.

Now before you get all uppity and say “there are many mutes or deaf people who cannot talk”, well…just hold your horses. I have taken care of my share of deaf patients throughout the years, and they communicated just great with me. I’m not taking anything away from sign language, or expressive gestures. It’s just that Voice has a different power to it. Next time you talk on the phone with a loved one, close your eyes and let your imagination run as you listen to their voice. Or do the same when you watch a movie. You can feel something different just from the power of voice. And don’t forget, your Voice always counts. I was told as a youngster “the only dumb question is one that is never asked”, and since then I never resist to ask what’s on my mind.

The power in your voice is incredible. You can make people laugh, cry, understand and question. You can teach people to be better, healthier, more alive and loving. But most of all, your voice can be a catalyst for change—a way of making this world a better place for all who inhabits it. Remember, your voice counts!! Your voice is the power to change. And with that power, great things take shape. Take a listen to the cast of The Lion King as they were about to fly from Brisbane to Sydney. This is a great example of The Power of Voice. In a few minutes, they were able to bring change to passengers on board and those working on the plane—and now hopefully you!! It’s well worth the 2:00+ minutes…and quite entertaining. Let me know your take on this subject, and what your thoughts are on the video.

From the inside,

Dr. Ron


Simple Truthful Words Can Open The Heart

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It never ceases to amaze me how simple truthful words can open the heart of anyone…or should I dare say everyone.  Whoopi Goldberg, the famous comedian who can keep a poker face as well as the best of them, has her heart cracked open in a few seconds time.  Just another example of how our WORDS can have a lasting, impactful effect on those we speak them to.  Never underestimate the “power of what you say” and who you say it to.

Does this video remind you of a time when words opened you up or someone you know?  I would love to hear your response!!