When Sickness Becomes Health

In this crazy world of ours, there are many people who don’t know the difference between sickness and health. I can’t tell you how many times mothers and fathers bring their kids to my office worried that their child has some kind of malady, only to find out their kid’s body is working perfectly and doing exactly what it is designed to do. For instance, just last week, a family brought their 10 year old daughter to have her nervous system checked (that’s what Chiropractors do…keep the nervous system free from interference). She was also running a fever of about 102°F according to the parents. I asked how long she had the fever and they told me 4 days. I then asked what they were doing about the child’s fever, and they said “Tylenol and cold baths”.

When Sickness Becomes Health - Dr. Ron Oberstein

So here’s the crazy thing. This child had a virus within her, and her body was doing exactly what it was designed to do – heat up and kill the virus. And bless the parents, they were beside themselves and were scared to death. The nurse at the medical office told them to reduce the fever so the child would feel better. Well, let me ask you, would you rather be uncomfortable and have your body working correctly to help you heal, or feel less uncomfortable and have your body in a state of dis-ease. With the fever artificially being lowered, the virus were given the optimal environment to grow. If I could have talked to the nurse, I would ask her why she wanted to prolong the kids virus? That’s what I mean when I say “when sickness becomes health”, because people think symptoms are the sign of whether one is healthy or sick. And with the 10 year old girl, her body was actually working perfectly by spiking a fever. When they tried to lower it, she felt better and the parents thought she was healthy again. But in reality, she wasn’t. They were just prolonging the process. Being healthy is really quite easy!! Our bodies are always looking to maintain and regulate a state of health. And if this is true, which it is, then all we have to do is give our bodies the best environment to regulate itself. We were born to be healthy, we have everything within us to be healthy, and a lot of the time we just need to get out of our own way and let our bodies do what they were designed to do….be healthy!!

Out of curiosity, how do you handle symptoms? And if you let your body run its course, what have you noticed from doing so?

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