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The Power of Voice


Today, while on a conference call, I had this thought about the power of voice. What I mean by “power of voice” is simple: when one is listening to another without seeing each other, all the power in the communication is within the voice. Watch a movie or t.v. show, do you look at the peoples’ mouth when they speak? Of course not, because you are too busy looking at facial expressions or postural movements. But when you talk with someone on the phone or over the Internet without being able to see them, all you have is their voice. And this can be a real positive experience!!  Voice is one of the most powerful tools we as humans have. Whether it’s for advocacy, teaching, or just plain fun, without voice it would be much more difficult to get your intended message across.

Now before you get all uppity and say “there are many mutes or deaf people who cannot talk”, well…just hold your horses. I have taken care of my share of deaf patients throughout the years, and they communicated just great with me. I’m not taking anything away from sign language, or expressive gestures. It’s just that Voice has a different power to it. Next time you talk on the phone with a loved one, close your eyes and let your imagination run as you listen to their voice. Or do the same when you watch a movie. You can feel something different just from the power of voice. And don’t forget, your Voice always counts. I was told as a youngster “the only dumb question is one that is never asked”, and since then I never resist to ask what’s on my mind.

The power in your voice is incredible. You can make people laugh, cry, understand and question. You can teach people to be better, healthier, more alive and loving. But most of all, your voice can be a catalyst for change—a way of making this world a better place for all who inhabits it. Remember, your voice counts!! Your voice is the power to change. And with that power, great things take shape. Take a listen to the cast of The Lion King as they were about to fly from Brisbane to Sydney. This is a great example of The Power of Voice. In a few minutes, they were able to bring change to passengers on board and those working on the plane—and now hopefully you!! It’s well worth the 2:00+ minutes…and quite entertaining. Let me know your take on this subject, and what your thoughts are on the video.

From the inside,

Dr. Ron

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